Dual Membership

Dual membership with Arizona ALFA and Argentum

We’ve partnered with Argentum to offer our members a special opportunity to opt-in to a dual membership with Arizona ALFA and Argentum. Dual membership will offer you the benefits of your local state association plus Argentum national supporting member benefits. Eligibility requirements must be met before your application is approved.

To qualify for this dual membership:

1. You must be an active member of Arizona ALFA.

2. Your company cannot own or operate more than two (2) communities within their total portfolio, regardless of the number of units, or your company must operate less than 50 total units, regardless of total communities;

3. You must submit a completed application for membership.

Supporting level benefits include:


Complimentary industry research reports (5 per year minimum) and multiple whitepapers

Complimentary Senior Living Insights webinars (12 per year)

Discounts on Argentum events (annual conference, summit, EDLI)

Discounts on Argentum products (CDAL credentialing, ServSafe training, Sales Counselor certificates, job postings, etc.)

Subscription to member-only communications and updates

Access to Staff expertise (public policy, regulations, workforce, etc.) and Member-only resources
Member recognition and PR benefits (media releases in magazine/on website)

These benefits are valued at $2,500 and are offered to you for free, through your membership with Arizona ALFA.

Thank you for your support this year. Our industry is stronger when we stand together and we are excited to expand our member benefits through this program.