Maricopa County Update 6.21.2022

Maricopa is at a 25% percent positivity rate. Providers need to monitor the ‘Healthcare’ community transmission levels that is page 9 in the attached report. Also, make sure you are following the current guidelines PLUS your community’s MOST current...

Maricopa County Update 11.23.2021

Attached is the latest update from Maricopa. Maricopa COVID update 11.23.2021. As you can see the numbers continue to increase and percent positivity in Maricopa is over 12%. Please call our office if you have any questions.

Maricopa Update 11.9.2021

This is the latest COVId-19 update from Maricopa County. As you can see COVID is beginning to sweep across the country once again. Please let me know if you have any questions. Maricopa update

Maricopa Update 10.26.2021

Maricopa Country provided their bi-weekly vaccination update Maricopa County update 10.26.2021. As you can see, Arizona’s numbers continue to decline. However, in the more cold weather part of the country, their numbers are escalating at a rapid pace. The...