13th Annual Nurses in Assisted Living Conference – Request for Presenters

Arizona ALFA’s Request for Presenters (RFP) is to identify speakers for upcoming and future Arizona ALFA education events and conferences. Our goal is to incorporate innovative and interactive educational methods that provide a meaningful learning experience for our attendees.

Our attendees are comprised of:

  • Assisted living owners/operators in AZ as well as national presence.
  • Senior – level staff and corporate leadership.
  • Caregivers that work directly with the residents, from assisted living providers throughout the state, ranging from small, independently owned communities to large, multi-national organizations.
  • Industry experts that offer specialty services for the assisted living sector.

Proposals are reviewed by Arizona ALFA personal alongside our Educational Events Committees using the following criteria:

  • Innovation, creativity and originality of topic
  • Clarity, depth and specificity of proposal
  • Timeliness, currency and relevance of subject matter
  • Incorporate interactive learning strategies
  • Practical applicability of topic of industry and residents served in assisted living
  • Qualifications, expertise and experience level of presenter(s)
  • Presenters and sessions that can be delivered in-person and/or virtually.

Deadline for the 2022 Fall Conference Submission is August 30th, 2022.

Please select which presentation format you would provide:
Are you comfortable presenting either in-person or virtually knowing Arizona ALFA is available to assist?